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Singular Motorsports ND MX5 Hood Louvers

Our Price: £225.00
270.00 inc. of vat)
<B>Singular Motorsports ND MX5 Hood Louvers</b>
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Make your radiator more effective and massively increase COOLING!

Reduces under-hood pressure by 50% 
Dramatic Improvement in engine cooling efficiency 
Decreases lift on the front of the car 
Backed by data developed through pressure and flow testing 
Outperforms every hood vent option tested (by a lot) 
Specifically designed for the ND hood 
Retains hood rigidity and the use of the stock hood latch 
Designed and produced in the USA 

Hoods vents are a key element to improving the cooling system effectiveness. Reducing the pressure behind the radiator creates a larger differential between the front and rear of the radiator. The larger the pressure differential, the greater the airflow through your radiator. Reducing underhood pressure also cuts down on lift under the front of the car, improving downforce.

These louvers work in the lightweight factory aluminum hood to minimize cost and you do not have to deal with poor fitment of aftermarket hoods, and does not sacrifice hood rigidity so that even the stock hood latch can still be used.

This is a DIY installation part. That said, Singular MotorSports gave careful thought to ease of install from the beginning and you get a full vinyl cutting template specific to the ND. The cut template removes the guesswork from your install, just stick it on and it shows you where to cut. Also included is rubber trim that fits around the circumference of the holes, making it easy to achieve a clean and finished look.

The louvers ship flat (unbent), you bend the fins when you receive them. The louvers come anodized in black, and can easily be painted over if you desire a different color.

What you get: 
Precision waterjet aluminum louvers 
Aluminum rivet mounting hardware
Rubber trim to cover the cut edge for a clean look 
Chassis specific vinyl cut template.


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