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Good-Win Racing MX5 ND 1.5 &2.0 SuperStreet Twin Tip 2016-2020


Good-Win Racing MX5 ND 1.5 &2.0 SuperStreet Twin Tip 2016-2020

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Our most Popular ND Exhaust for the MX5 ND Exhaust Stainless Steel PREMIUM ADJUSTABLE with Helmholtz Chamber Design Means All the FUN, without the DRONE to fit all 1.5 & 2.0

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This is a modified version of our all Helmholtz Super Street muffler that adds small chamber dual tip muffler to add lots more user control, over FIVE different sound settings with the included MIXING BAFFLE, over TEN different sound level and tone variations if you mix in the optional packed baffles available on this site.

Nonetheless, this is a VERY aggressive muffler by design with roots in our RACE muffler, with the included mixing baffle fully inserted to bypass the final chamber this muffler becomes precisely the same layout and sound as the RACE muffler. Progressively back out the included Mixing Baffle to lower the frequency balance of the result and overall DB level.

UPDATE May 2017, we now include a Mixing baffle that effectively converts this muffler to same sound as the Race muffler, adding back in the higher frequencies the chamber would otherwise convert lower (to cover the costs of adding that blocking baffle we are ending the RoadsterSport script on the tips). Result is more choice and control over the result than any other choice.

Separately on the site is a fibre packed long baffle that effectively converts this unit to same frequency balance as the SuperStreet Single Tip. Thus, now essentially THREE mufflers in one here, the Race with included Mixing baffle, the SuperStreet Single tip if you add packed long baffle (item 60-1325SSTT), or skip the long baffles and use standard length baffles in one or both tips (item 60-1324T) to keep the bass heavy frequency balance but lower the volume. Result is a 17 pound (7.7kg)  street muffler with MORE flexibility than all other choices.

You get the great look of the RoadsterSport rolled and polished twin tips, the clean flow of the shortest possible path from the midpipe to the exhaust tips to max your horsepower gains, unprecedented level of user adjustment...and minimal weight with these features.

What the baffles add is much more ability to tune the frequency balance of that result. Left rear tip pathway is essentially a straight through and adding Mixing Baffle or long baffles to driver's side tip cuts off the chamber and massively lowers the bass notes and raises the upper frequency response, etc.

SHIPPING NOTE...ships factory direct to you. All POLISHED stainless steel construction. Uses stock hangers and connects to either our RoadsterSport midpipe or the stock midpipe.

Just one bolt under each tip to make the baffle easy change. Sold separate are standard length optional packed baffles that cut the sound a little more if you want (and 60-1325SSTT long packed baffle that bypasses muffler chamber like the included long blocking baffle but with packing to reduce volume and simulate the frequency balance of Single Tip SuperStreet)

NOTE: This does NOT clear our harddog hidden hitch or Velox rear diffuser!

Sold separately are optional packed baffles that cut the sound a little more if you want.
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Gareth Camp - St Asaph

Great fitment and sound

Fits very well, looks good and sounds great. I've not played around with the baffle positions yet other than fully in or fully out, but its great that you can tune the sound to what you need.