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Mazda 6 Suspension

Mazda 6 Anti Roll Bar Package / 03-08 except MPS

Mazda 6 Anti Roll Bar Package / 03-08 except MPS

£308.00 £369.60 (inc. VAT)
Mazda 6 Anti Roll Bar kit

Anti Roll  bar set - 2003-2008 4-Cylinder Models, 2003-05 V6 Models
(Except 2006-08 3.0 V6 models)  

Racing Beat-designed Mazda 6 Anti Roll Bars reduce chassis roll in turns and increase your car's sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise manufacturing techniques are combined to produce top performance components.

All Racing Beat Mazda 6 sway bars are finished with a distinctive, red powder coating, which provides a smooth, glossy protective layer. You can be assured of many years of superior handling performance with these proven bars!

Bar Sizes
Stock - 23mm Front, 19mm Rear
Racing Beat - 28.5mm (1.125") Front, 27mm (1.0625") Rear (Both bars utilize solid tubing.)

Racing Beat Anti Roll bar package includes:

  • Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars 
  • Replacement urethane bushings, retaining clamps, Prothane grease,
  • Detailed installation instructions are provided with the sway bars. 

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