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Mazda RX8 Cooling & Oil System

Mazda Rotary Engine Formula Motor Oil

Mazda Rotary Engine Formula Motor Oil

£45.00 £54.00 (inc. VAT)
Mineral based oil blended specificaly for your Rotary Engine

Finally! Rotary Engine Formula Motor Oil with Ionic Bonding Technology specially formulated to meet the needs of the high performance Rotary Engine.This unique Motor Oil Specifically meets the needs of the Rotary Engine by offering the following advantages:

  • Greater than Minerals
  • Improves Performance
  • Reliability & Longevity
  • Ionic Bonding Completely
  • Eliminates Dry Starts
  • Withstands Temps 100°C Greater than Synthetics
  • Long Life, Slow Burning
  • High Performance Mineral
  • 10w30 5 Litre Bottle 

How Does Synionic's Oil differ?

Synionic's Patented technology utilizes ionic bonding technology to offer extreme pressure protection, which reduces temperatures, slowing burn rate, while also being able to withstand temperatures in excess of 450 degrees. In addition to these benefits is the additional safe guard deriving from the ionic bonding, that being the fact that should your oil levels decrease substantially, there still remains a protective coating over your engine which protects even when your bulk oil levels have dropped.

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