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Mazda RX7 FD3S Suspension

Racing Beat Mazda RX7 FD (92-02) Anti Roll Bar Kit

Racing Beat Mazda RX7 FD (92-02) Anti Roll Bar Kit

£455.00 £546.00 (inc. VAT)
Racing Beat Anti Roll bar kit to stabilise your RX7 FD in the hardest cornering

Front and Rear Anti Roll Anti Roll bar Kit 

Front Anti Roll  Bar -

Our Racing Beat designed solid front roll bar offers the RX-7 enthusiast the opportunity for enhanced road handling ability under both street and high performance driving conditions.

Improve the handling of your RX-7 with our 1.25-inch OD solid front roll bar. Each Racing Beat front sway bar is supplied with our reinforced heavy duty mounting bracket and replacement urethane bushings. Intended to be used as a matched set with our  this sway bar combo will improve the cornering ability of your RX-7.

This bar is approx 2X as stiff as the stock bar and weighs approx 20 lbs.

Rear Anti Roll Bar

Our Racing Beat designed adjustable Rear Anti Roll Bar provides a matched balance for the performance of our Front Sway Bar. Our 4130 chrome-moly tubular rear bar features urethane bar bushings (and comes supplied with Prothane grease) and retention of the stock mounting hardware to simplify installation. An OEM style retaining clamp has been incorporated into the design of the bar to prevent lateral bar movement that might otherwise occur under heavy loads.

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