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So why do I need Carbon Ceramic Brakes?

So why do I need Carbon ceramic brakes?
If you have own a car that goes fast, it should also stop fast and because  cars slow down using friction, this friction makes your brakes get  extremely hot and can deteriorate in terms of performance, however Carbon ceramic brakes developed initially via Formula 1 brings you the answer to coping  with extreme heat while stopping the car faster than any car equipped with iron brakes ever could!
Carbon ceramic brakes are actually designed to withstand the usual intense heat that occurs during hard braking from high speeds and as you will have from watching Formula 1 cars with Carbon ceramic brakes actually red with heat, it takes no working out that Iron brake discs could never withstand this type of extreme heat with being damaged in the process, or for that matter make a car decelerate as effectively.

At high temperatures, carbon ceramic materials are also less resistant to deformation or warping, which means that they should last a lot longer than traditional iron brake discs.
Finally, don’t forget, Carbon ceramic brakes   will not corrode, even when in contact with water or salt during the winter seasons.

Not only will these Racingbrake Formula 1 style Ceramic Brake upgrade Kits significantly reduce braking distances, it can in some cases save in the region of 60lbs enabling your cars suspension to behave more efficiently due to suspension dampers controlling significantly reduced weight.
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